Strategy Communications

Climate · Environment · Sustainability

Into the mainstream

Most of us want practical solutions to environmental and social challenges to pursue as part of our business operations and everyday living and working.

the 3rd degree provides expert and personalised support - on framing sustainability strategy, taking action and communicating what you're doing and why - to business, government and community sector clients.

How it affects your enterprise

Sustainability puts a lot of value at stake, both risks and opportunities, as business and other organisational decision-makers wrestle with core questions:

  • What do consumers want? What will they pay for? And how can we communicate with them effectively and with integrity?
  • In the value chain, what do our employees expect? What should we require from suppliers? What will our customers demand from us? And how can we perform better?
  • Where will government policy-makers and influential stakeholders land on key issues? And how will changing regulatory regimes and community expectations affect our business?

How we help

We just do what our clients need - guiding and supporting through their leaders, managers and project teams - in:

  • WHAT'S WHAT - Assessing what really matters for your business or organisation in regard to the environment, sustainability and climate change
  • FRAMING ACTION - Working out what to do - and how to do it
  • BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS - Mapping and engaging stakeholders, understanding their issues and insights, and establishing workable partnerships
  • IMPLEMENTATION - Helping you do it, and
  • COMMUNICATIONS - Knowing when and where to communicate what you are doing internally and externally, and what to say

We work with you to take meaningful action on climate and sustainability. We back up your team, injecting our expertise to streamline the task of tailoring and delivering the right responses for your business.

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The big drivers

The Australian and global sustainability shift is being driven by the cumulative impact of great economic, social and environmental trends and issues of our age:

  • Climate change, water crises, species extinctions and other environmental dilemmas
  • Energy pricing and supply security, and other resource constraints (the 'limits to growth')
  • Poverty, human rights abuses and unresolved social justice and equity concerns and pressures, and
  • Emerging health, safety and security challenges

Our approach and aspirations

the 3rd degree works at making sustainability happen.

We aspire to create value with our clients, their stakeholders, and society as a whole.